Tropikali Festival

Tropikali is a LGBTQIA+ festival that takes place in the industrial gardens of Amsterdam's NDSM Wharf.  Below an impression of the two edtions in 2022.

Client: Didola 
Studio: The Best Social 
Event Producer: Eva Vilachá
Creative Direction: Nicola Rinaldi & Diederik Broekhuizen
Campaign: SerialCut
Stage Design: Han Jansen    

In 2018 I started running my own music festival in collaboration with my partner Diederik Broekhuizen. We worked closely with Madrid studio SerialCut to create outstanding campaigns for the festival that are crucial to create this unique feeling that can only be enjoyed if you are at the festival. In June 2022 the Festival was sold-out and had almost 10.000 visitors.

I make sure the look and feel of the festival is consistent and effective through all the platforms: social media, website, Newsletter and on the Festival terrain.

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This campaign is an ecstatic celebration of both Amsterdam and Europe’s vibrant multicultural LGBTQIA+ scene.

Photography: Tenbgeh Kamara

Tropikali Festival is created by Didola, the event company based in Amsterdam. We organize creative LGBTQIA+ events. 

We love creating unexpected experiences, before people knew they needed them.

For the June editon we released a 3-parts campaign with different AR filters to promote the third edition of Tropikali. festival. The 3 filters represent the different stages with their own unique characteristics. 

The filters reached more than 110.000 people on Instagram and they were opened more than 9.400 times. There were more than 2.100 recordings with the filter and 374 public shares.

Tond x Tropikali tee
Artwork: SerialCut
Photography: @seniozapruder

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